The world first quick lock mmWave connectors

The world first quick lock mmWave connectors

mmWave brings many performance benefits and it is an essential part of the 5G system. The abundant spectrum available at mmWave frequency bands above 24 GHz can deliver extreme capacity, ultra-high throughput and ultra-low latency. At the same time 5G applications demand small devices and high density installations.

The demand of small devices and high density installations strongly suggest the elimination of the need for a torque wrench to allow the density and the desirably of quick lock connectors.

To satisfy these demands, Anoison Electronics launched the world’s first mmWave “Quick Lock” connector. This new connector family is based on the 2.92mm connectors, which operate at DC - 40 Ghz, and with the same electrical performance. Called the QK29, which stands for “Quick Lock 2.92mm Connector”, it replaces the usual threaded connection with a quick lock connection.  With this design no torque wrench is needed thus allowing the connectors to be spaced closer together, i.e., high density packaging.

The design of the quick lock interface is based on Anoison’s successful QMA connectors. That implies they both could intermate and they become the basis for potential development of QK24 and QK18 families of connectors.

In summary: high density installations; no need for torque wrenches; excellent electrical and mechanical performance combine to save time and costs in both test and field installations, only become possible with Anoison’s quick lock QK29 connectors.

The QK29 is a real asset for installations of mmWave 5G. 


High Density Installation

No need torque wrench

Intermateable with QMA

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