HPQN Series Connectors

HPQN Connectors, (High Performance Quick-lock N), released by Anoison in 2006, is a quick locking version of the widely used type N connector. By replacing the threaded interface of the original N with a snap-on coupling mechanism, the HPQN series is able to  provide 10x faster mating, increased installation density and greater flexibility since the connector may be rotated 360º while in the mated position.

This was achieved without impairing electrical performance up to 11 GHz (for precision cable could up to 18GHz) by designing the locking mechanism around the industry standard geometry of threadedN connectors. The resulting high performance, in concert with the speed and convenience of the quick connect capability, makes the HPQN ideal for a wide range of applications.

The Anoison HPQN is the third generation quick lock version N connector (the first generation is QN from Huber+Suhner, the second generation is SnapN from Rosenberger).

The Anoison HPQN improves on the shortcoming of both previous generations of quick lock N. The first generation H+S QN introduced a problem with impedance discontinuity and caused considerable reflection. The second generation SnapN, incurred a problem with the "pull force" on the connector. A force greater than 3 kgs could cause the connector interface to disengage resulting in a possibly unstable signal( see below figure).

Now, the third generation quick lock version N connector, Anoison's HPQN, can successfully solve these problems. The HPQN offers an excellent locking mechanism maintaining all electrical characteristics of the original N connector meanwhile offering a strong retention force. As with the N connector, Anoison offers HPQN cable connectors, PCB/Panel mount connectors, adapters and terminations, as well as the 18GHz precision HPQN connector for some high-end applications.

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Impedance50 Ω
Frequency RangeDC to 18 GHz
VSWR ( straight styles)Straight connectors, .141":  ≤1.25 (DC to 18GHz)
Straight connectors,  RG316: ≤1.23 (DC to 6GHz)
Right angle connectors, .141":≤1.40 (DC to 18GHz)
Right angle connectors, RG316: ≤1.30 (DC to 6GHz)


Engagement Force35 N
Disengagement Force45 N
Interface Retention Force≥200 N (standard)
≥450 N (special application)
Durability200 min.


Temperature Range-40°C to +125°C
Thermal ShockIEC 60169-1 16.4 (-40°C to +125°C)
VibrationIEC-1169-1 Paragraph9.3.3(10-500 Hz;5g)
IP Rating interfaceIP 68


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